Bad September

What If? Alternate History Teen & Family Day

04/21/2012 12:00
04/21/2012 16:00

Travel back in time and imagine a new future. Explore Minnesota through the eyes of science fiction and steampunk authors, artisans, and alternate historians. And by all means, don’t forget your goggles and top hat.

Now available on your favourite online music dispensaries!

Ave, Comrades! We've just released our first digital-only single, Oscar Wilde: Super-Spy on iTunes, Amazon, and other fine establishments. While you're investigating that, maybe you'd also like to check out the digital version of our debut self-titled EP, also available sans physical artifact?

Bad September at the BLB

07/29/2011 22:00

We're thrilled to be back at the scene of our EP release show last fall, and looking forward to debuting some new material! This promises to be our biggest show of the season, definitely not one to miss! Tickets are $6 in advance and $8 at the door, available online from the Bryant-Lake Bowl's website (


06/30/2011 22:00

Bad September will be playing the 10 PM slot on the Harmonic CONvergence stage on Thursday, the first night of the CON. We believe we can say, in all modesty, that we absolutely rocked the Sunday afternoon slot we had last year and we are thrilled to be back. Let's show them how we can pack the place! Unfortunately, this show will only be available to CON attendees. To register, check out their website (

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