Bad September

Austria-Hungary 1957 Release Date!

I'm thrilled to be able to announce that our upcoming full-length album "Austria-Hungary 1957" will be released on August 21st, 2012! Featuring eleven songs (including at least one that you've never heard before) and a 24-page booklet of lyrics and map excerpts. Preorder now for FREE SHIPPING, and watch this space (or friend us on facebook) for details surrounding our imminent CD release show!


We're all excited to be back at CON this year! Posters are up and the Band's ready to go! Come by Harmonic CONvergence on Friday at 7 PM (immediately after the Steampunk Fashion Show) to hear your favorites, and some new material!

On a more personal note

When I was in high school I was introduced to a local irish folk trio called Gallowglass. They had a fantastic blend of humor and talent that sunk its hooks deep into me. They were really my introduction to the concept of "local music"; the idea that a couple of folks could pick up instruments and make something no one had ever heard before, and that music wasn't something that happened far away and arrived on tapes and the radio, but something close and personal.

Bad September @ CONvergence

07/06/2012 19:00

We'll be back at Harmonic CONvergence this year with some never-before-heard songs from our upcoming full-length album, "Austria-Hungary 1957"! Come join us for an hour of retro-futurist rock-out, free with admission to CONvergence!

For more details, check out the CONvergence website!

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